Frequently Asked Questions

The only word we could come up with to describe the incredibly inspiring, generous, thoughtful, civic-minded and community engaged group of folks who are awesome in their own right AND who become even more badass because of their love for Brandi Carlile, Phil and Tim Hanseroth’s music.

Well, aside from the usual fandom perks (pre-sale access, exclusive content, early entry to select GA shows, unique access to Brandi, Catherine, Phil and Tim in the forum), there are also opportunities to: volunteer for The Looking Out Foundation, inspire us with the charitable organizations that you support, win some very cool prizes and gifts, meet up with your fellow Bramily members to do grassroots work within your community and so much more. Really, so much more. This membership is what you make of it, so we hope that you meet some great people, learn about some important organizations doing important community outreach, and help us make music mean more. Oh, not to forget: did I mention a Bramily only concert? Oh my!!!  During the quarantine, you also get the ability to buy tickets to the Bramily Carlile Compound Quarantine Shows which are variety shows filmed at the compound where Brandi, the twins and Josh all live!

Fair question. Did you know that a portion of your membership fee goes to The Looking Out Foundation? So, right off the bat you are helping to grow Brandi’s charity and to help fight the good fight. We also use these fees to cover costs of a Bramily exclusive annual single. Nobody is getting rich off of membership fees, we put it all right back into the forum and in perks to offer you.

Probably the most awesome person ever. The GK is your host/hostess with the most/mostess and acts as your ringleader, so to speak. S/he will be there to make super special announcements, advise of contests and other rad things and will be your first line of technical support for all things, well…technical. If the GK cannot figure it out, s/he will send your support request to the all-knowing Techie Wizard.

You may Subscribe to get email notifications when a new post is added in the forum.  There is a Subscribe link at the top of each forum page and you can subscribe either for a specific post or for the entire forum.

For now, email [email protected]

You will get an email about a week out reminding you that your membership will expire. If you kindly log in to your account, and click renew membership from the homescreen, you will be able to renew.

Bramily merchandise is currently located at

Step 1: Be a Bramily member! You’ve done that. Congrats, you are currently an A+ student.

Step 2. Sign up for an account at

Step 3. Navigate to the hidden and members-only link :  ( Please don’t share the link outside of the forum. Have a friend who wants to see the show? Ask them to join the Bramily. Your membership fee goes toward a great cause) **** Please note that this Bramily Veeps link is different than the public  Veeps link. If you go to the public link, you will not see the Bramily show and then you will freak out and come here in a panic, don’t panic but do take note of the two different links….:)

Step 4. Purchase your CCQ show ticket either by clicking “view events” or by navigating through the Livestream tab and looking for Season 2 CCQ .  Tickets start at $10. If you can give more, there are higher tiered options. Regardless of the tier chosen, all concert goers will receive the same experience. Funds received goes toward Brandi’s band and crew salary fund.

Step 5. You will notice under the View Events tab that Brandi has done an entire first Season of CCQ shows…Your membership allows you the option, at your leisure, the opportunity for tickets to those shows as well.

Step 6. Rejoice and high five yourself, you now have a ticket to the coolest show available only to members of the coolest fan club on the planet..<<not an exaggeration.

Step 7: Check out the thread titled “STREAMING TIPS” for best practices in order to ensure your Veeps streaming experience is a positive one. We have worked with this platform extensively and they worked hard to make this a smooth and enjoyable show.  Please follow these best practices where able in order to limit any possible streaming issues.  If you are new to streaming, please reach out to [email protected] and they can help guide you through the process.

Step 8: On Friday… It’s show day! Get your best BCB gear on, snap a picture of you and your household watching the stream and share with us at [email protected]