Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Bramily?

The only word we could come up with to describe the incredibly inspiring, generous, thoughtful, civic-minded and community engaged group of folks who are awesome in their own right AND who become even more badass because of their love for Brandi Carlile, Phil and Tim Hanseroth’s music.

What does my Bramily membership get me?

Well, aside from the usual fandom perks (pre-sale access, exclusive content, early entry to select GA shows, unique access to Brandi, Catherine, Phil and Tim in the forum), there are also opportunities to: volunteer for The Looking Out Foundation, inspire us with the charitable organizations that you support, win some very cool prizes and gifts, meet up with your fellow Bramily members to do grassroots work within your community and so much more. Really, so much more. This membership is what you make of it, so we hope that you meet some great people, learn about some important organizations doing important community outreach, and help us make music mean more. Oh, not to forget: did I mention a Bramily only concert coming in 2018? Oh my!!!

Why do I have to pay for a membership?

Fair question. Did you know that a portion of your membership fee goes to The Looking Out Foundation? So, right off the bat you are helping to grow Brandi’s charity and to help fight the good fight. We also use these fees to cover costs of a Bramily exclusive annual single. Nobody is getting rich off of membership fees, we put it all right back into the forum and in perks to offer you.

Who is this Gatekeeper person in the forum?

Probably the most awesome person ever. The GK is your host/hostess with the most/mostess and acts as your ringleader, so to speak. S/he will be there to make super special announcements, advise of contests and other rad things and will be your first line of technical support for all things, well…technical. If the GK cannot figure it out, s/he will send your support request to the all-knowing Techie Wizard.

How can I receive notifications when Brandi/Phil/Tim/Catherine/GK post?

This feature is coming soon….when? Soon, I said!

No really, I don’t want to miss out on super special announcements, how do I receive notifications?

Well, see the above post but, more importantly, check the forum often. Yes, it is not as user friendly as Facebook, but check the forum often. Sometimes we post a contest for the first one to answer the thread, or there are time-sensitive posts that we don’t want you to miss out on. So, check in often. Mingle. Introduce yourselves to folks.

I moved, how do I update my address so that I don’t miss the annual single/pin?

For now, email [email protected]

How will I know when to renew?

You will get an email about a week out reminding you that your membership will expire. If you kindly log in to your account, and click renew membership from the homescreen, you will be able to renew.